The Vienna based Visual Artist Collective was founded in 2005 in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, as a platform for experimentation with media arts in the club context. In the beginning the focus was on exploration of interactive software tools to create original content using analogue input devices, cameras, found footage, theremins and so on. Soon they got their chance to show their stuff to a larger audience and started to focus on generative live visuals. From three members in the beginning the crew grew constantly and moved their headquarter to Linz, Upper Austria. Within the first year Neon Golden was invited to play at two of the most important festivals for electronic music in the german speaking area: the Urban Art Forms Festival in Austria and Sonne Mond Sterne in Germany.

So they got known to a wider audience and played basically every weekend in another club and city. Regular appearances in legendary Munich's "Registratur" and Zurich's "Rohstofflager" have been flanked with shows in famous clubs like "11" in Amsterdam, "La Terrrazza" in Barcelona or "Maria" in Berlin working side by side to almost any important electronic music act and dj in the scene. To name just a few they played their sets together with Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, DJ Hell, Extrawelt, Carl Craig, Boys Noize and many many more.

In 2009 most of the crew members gathered in Vienna and started to build up a studio. Since then Neon Golden has been responsible for the Stage Design of the Urban Art Forms Festival in 2010 and 2011. On the commercial side they toured a couple of times with Levi's through Germany, Austria and Switzerland being responsible for event design and live visuals. Another highlight was the invitation from Intel to perform a show during the CES 2011 in Las Vegas' brand new "Marquee" Club and in Spring to the perform in Cannes' "VIP Room" during the Cannes Roll.

Meanwhile the group currently consists of fourteen members coming from different design, art and programming disciplines. Over the years they moved their focus from generative live visuals to a mix of motion graphics, filmed footage and live generated visuals. Beside the pure content the focus lies on developing complex setups and installations integrating different technologies like projection mapping, led-walls, multi-channel-systems, lights and lasers to interweave all components to a truly unique experience. At the moment they are undergoing a further shift of focus, working more and more on complex light sculptures/installations ...

Our interdisciplinary team works in all areas of media, design and communication, including:

Generative Art Motion Design / Animation Real-Time Computer Graphics Set Design Visual Event Design


The projects of our colleagues at BPNXT orbit around special, spatial, interactive and transdisciplinary media design applications. > show

Beauty Parlour
Classic and New Media

Our colleagues at Beauty Parlour
are specialized in the design and development of classic and new media formats. > show