• Generative Art

    Generative art refers to artworks which have fully or partly been created with the use of an autonomous (non-human) system and which are determined by algorithms. They usually appear in conventional forms of art, such as poems or animated visuals, and can either operate autonomously or incorporate inputs from a user or the environment.


    Grelle Forelle PRATERSAUNA 2.0 Kranensee Levi's Unbuttoned Tensor
  • Motion Design / Animation

    Motion Design sets images in motion through the use of animation or film techniques. The output is video content created with methods of 2D / 3D animation, motion graphics, stop motion and filming.


    Tensor Intel Visual Life: Cannes Film Festival Neon Golden x Absolut Warhol GRIDWORLD TOWER
  • Visual Event Design

    Visual Event Design refers to the process of creating an ambience for different events by using visuals and lighting. These visuals represent a brand, message or theme and usually combine modern event lighting with experimental lighting and projection technologies, such as projection mapping or LED setups.


    Prater Unser Kranensee URBAN ART FORMS 2011 BLOODJAM Heineken Green Space